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Many industries are piecing things back together again this year, as they try to recover from the effects of the pandemic or recreate themselves to remain relevant in a changing world. One industry that has been left unaffected to a great extent, and yet has had to re-create itself almost entirely in the same breath, is the real estate industry. As 2021 sets off, it’s important to understand just how the industry will shift gears in the months to come.

The biggest factor that will influence the industry is the fact that the public is in need of more guidance and advice than before. The uncertainty that still surrounds the economic landscape and the future of the world as it battles COVID-19 means that people are more cautious when it comes making real estate and investment choices. The role of property practitioners is thus more vital than ever in supporting the public through this period of recovery.

Property practitioners have a tough task ahead of them as they provide the public with confidence in their decisions, while also helping grow the market again so that that confidence is not misplaced. A vital part of this process, beyond the elbow grease and hard work that is already going into recuperating the industry, is the building of strong relationships with clients. Property practitioners may have acted as a “middle man” of sorts in many instances in the past, but their roles are being redefined as they provide more and more tailored services to those who are navigating the real estate landscape.

With the past year obliging so many industries to re-evaluate their way of doing business, the real estate industry has also sought out more streamlined solutions that put less strain on property practitioners while offering the public more efficient service. A big role player in this process is the adoption of Customer Relationship Management systems that allow property practitioners to enhance the way they interact with both existing and prospective clientele. This is especially of use when it comes to the rental market, where a rotating roster of clients needs to be connected with.

As a result of the continuing uncertainty and the weakness of the economy, the rental market is proving to be one of the most greatly affected. Where tenants are able to, 2021 will most likely find them choosing to continue renting where they currently are, opting for safety above prospects. Unfortunately, vacant rental properties could remain vacant for quite some time still as a result. This may be even more true for properties at the lower end of the price spectrum, as lower-income individuals have been some of the worst affected by the lockdown and TERS relief coming to an end.

As more and more tenants conduct research regarding their financial futures, many may also realise their rental amounts are almost the same as bond repayments would be, leading them to reconsider the possibility of becoming homeowners and bringing stability to their lives amid the storm. As more South Africans re-evaluate their futures, with considerations such as work-from-home options becoming more prevalent, many people are looking for homes that will better suit their changed lives, and renting may simply no longer be the answer to those plans.

All of this cements the necessity for property practitioners’ role in the months to come. If it is time for you to alter your real estate situation, enlist the guidance and advice of a trusted property practitioner to help you navigate whatever comes next.

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